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How To Register A Web Page
With A Search Engine

The reason I have put this page together is because I was getting a few e-mail letters asking how this is done. So I thought I'd put something together to help a bit, It's a fairly simple process.

Items Covered in this document

Registering Pages, What's That?
How It's Done
Registering At Each Page
What Are The Questions?
Registering Many Pages At Once

Registering Pages, What's That?
My guess is that if you've used the World Wide Web to any extent, you've used a search engine. A search engine is something like
Yahoo. You go to the site, put in some keywords, and the server searches a database and returns pages that contain your words.

"Wouldn't it be nice if I could put my pages on the search engine?" you ask calmly.

"You can!" I answer happily.

To "register" your page is to place it in the database of the search engine. That's what we'll talk about here.

How It's Done
There are really only two ways to register your pages. You can either head to each search engine separately and register your page, or go to a registration page that allows you to register your one page with many different search engines a once.

Registering At Each Page
I've registered my pages at a few different individual search engines. Here's a general idea of what you're going to find.

  1. Hierarchy Sites These are sites that build pages of lists. Yahoo is a site like this. As such, Yahoo wants you to help a bit. You'll log in at Yahoo, look for the category (or page) you feel you should be on and then click the "submit" icon at the top of the page. Magic occurs; you are asked to enter your URL address, a few other fine points, and that's that. Soon you'll receive an e-mail letter as to whether you were accepted or not. Yes, you can apply your same page to more than one category page.
  2. Webs These are databases that do not have a certain hierarchy about them. It is just one huge group of pages. Webcrawler is one of these. These are fairly simple to register with. Usually on the main page of the search engine there is an icon that says something like "submit URL." Click on it and answer pretty much the same question you'll answer anywhere else and, again, that's that.

Sometimes, you won't have to answer any questions.

What Are The Questions? Usually They Want...

     Please keep in mind that each search engine is different. Some will ask for information, some won't. Some will allow you to re-submit or edit, some won't. Some ask you to put a link to their search engine in return, some don't. (I could do this for days.)

Registering Many Pages At Once
I go to a site named
Submit-It! Yes, there are other sites that will do this, but this is the only one I've ever used. If you know of another, feel free to let me know. I'll put a link to it. Freedom of choice--that's what I always say.

The site Submit-It has two levels: a free and a pay level. The free level is pretty good. You'll get 10 or so search engines for that. How long it will be free I don't know, so I'd hop to it. When you get to Submit-It you will be asked the same type of questions above and then go to another page with a whole lot of buttons. Each button sends your information to a different search engine. There you'll probably answer a few more questions. The whole process to register one page takes about 20 minutes.

That's about it. Go and register a page just for the heck of it. Let one of the engines walk you through the process. You'll find that the number of visitors to your site goes up a bit, if not a lot. Mine did.

Or you can just do it the easy way!
Go to DomainWorld.com.au and let them do it for you.
Just click the banner below.

See you on the Net....

---- Rookie


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