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Kid's Search Tools

Selected Sites For Kids

Designed for Web surfers ages 7 to 12.
Sites selected by the YAHOO! Inc. staff.

A database of over 6300 sites compiled by librarians.

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ThinkQuest Library
Over 1500 student-created Web sites have become part of ThinkQuest’s
master site, which is used by millions of educators, students,
businesses, government agencies and citizens everywhere.

ThinkQuest     ThinkQuest Junior

Ask Jeeves for Kids
First searches a database of selected sites arranged as
questions; then conducts a parallel search of
Yahooligans and Education World.

Awesome Library
15,000 carefully reviewed resources.

Berit's Best Sites
Lists a thousand top-notch fun and educational sites.

Screened Sites For Kids

AOL NetFind: For Kids
For the best results, type in more than one word and
put AND in between them. For example: games AND checkers.

KidFusion MetaSearch
Searches for best sites by running parallel screened searches on
Yahooligans, KidsClick, ePlay, GO Kids, GO Homework Help,
and National Wildlife Federation.

Selected Sites For Teachers And Kids

Education World
Search a database of over
120,000+ education-related sites

Strictly For Fun

Family.com FunFinder
Find hundreds of great project ideas with Craft Finder,
like harvest season Apple Stamp Bags.


Yahooligans Downloader
Search for Pictures, Sounds, or Video Clips


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